sherelle reid consulting

Empowerment & Divorce Recovery Strategist

Helping Divorced Women of Faith to Heal, Empower & Evolve


Divorce can be painful, even when you initiated it. There’s still a grief process to work through. And as a woman of faith, you may find the taboo way divorce is treated in the church isolating, leaving you struggling with your faith.  Begin to heal with a copy of From Broken to Blessed: A Divorce Recovery Devotional today.


Once you’ve taken steps to start healing, it’s time to dig deeper. As you shed your old title of wife, you are ready to speak the truth about your divorce and reclaim your personal power. Join me and other spiritual sisters as we dive deeper into the devotional so you can apply each stage to your divorce recovery.


As you continue healing and empowering yourself, you will continue to evolve. It’s time to rediscover your premarital identity, connecting it to your experience and becoming an experienced single in this new season of your life. Learn ways to grow your relationships by starting with yourself.

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