Sherelle Reid headshot. Photo credit LMG Photography

I’m an Empowerment Strategist and Certified Life Coach. What that means is I support black women of faith in their post-divorce recovery. I’m passionate about helping women like you regain your voice, reconnect with God and become the best version of yourself.

In 2009, my own divorce was finalized and although I was happy to be free of that toxic marriage, I still struggled with grieving the loss, finding my identity and getting my faith off of life support. As a fairly new Christian at my church, there were all of these conversations about relationships, but almost none about divorce. I felt isolated, like I made a wrong decision. I questioned if God really spoke to me. I decided that I didn’t want another sista to go through those feelings and limp along in their faith walk when they could thrive, so I went to therapy and turned to God. After lots of doubts, struggles, tantrums and work, I got clear on my calling and moved forward.

As a divorced mom of three, I’ve learned how to focus on myself in order to better raise my children over the last decade. This wasn’t always the case, especially in the early years of my divorce. I had to do a lot of heart work; building my self-esteem and overcoming the stages of grief for my dead marriage. But as I like to say – GROW on purpose. And here we are – two and a half adult children (my youngest is 18, so he’s adultish) all bent on making me nuts. I share my highs, lows and tips along the way, so join me and let me know how I can help you! 




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